Private Residence

Springfield, Illinois

This modern residence exudes charm and sophistication, situated in a tranquil rural setting. The unique blue stucco exterior sets a bold yet elegant tone, making the home truly distinctive. The home's location on the edge of a serene pond brings an added sense of tranquility, creating a peaceful rural retreat. One of the standout features of the residence is its expansive screened porch, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. This sheltered area provides a space to relax, dine, and entertain while enjoying the picturesque views of the pond. The home's modern design philosophy is evident throughout, with clean lines, open layouts, and innovative use of materials. Strategically placed windows invite abundant natural light into the interiors, framing stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The home's lighting scheme, meticulously curated by a professional designer, adds to its allure by enhancing architectural features and creating inviting spaces. This captivating rural residence showcases the seamless integration of modern design principles with a profound appreciation for its natural setting. With its striking aesthetic, thoughtful design, and picturesque views, it offers a living experience that combines unrivaled comfort and tranquility.