Landmark Ford

Springfield, Illinois

Our dealership has a stylish exterior that mirrors Ford's innovative and classic style. Large windows and a welcoming entrance encourage customers to check out Ford's wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs in the showroom. The showroom is thoughtfully designed to provide customers with detailed information about each vehicle's features. Our modern service center is equipped with the latest tools and staffed with skilled technicians for top-quality vehicle care. A comfortable waiting area is available for customers to relax during their visit. Special areas for customer consultations and financing discussions create a relaxed environment. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to help you find the perfect Ford vehicle. The dealership incorporates Ford's iconic brand and history, with displays featuring Ford's milestones in the auto industry. In short, our Ford dealership reflects Ford's dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We offer a stylish exterior, a well-planned showroom, a modern service center, and a helpful sales team, aiming to provide a pleasant experience for every customer.